Anonymous said: if this scenario ever ACTUALLY came about (just to explain the severity of my obsession) there’s a 87% chance i would sell one of my non-immediate family members into slavery in order to be friends with every past & present member of the SNL cast. that’s how bad my obsession is. its horrible. i love those people so fucking much its ridiculous.

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Anonymous said: I wish Abby Elliot got more screen time.

Anonymous said: A lot of talent is being wasted this season due to terrible writing.

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Anonymous said: I don’t have any reason to think this, but Jay Pharoah seems like kind of an asshole.

Anonymous said: This season has sucked. Melissa McCarthy, Jason Segel and Jimmy Fallon have been the only good hosts so far, in my opinion.

Anonymous said: I HATE the Japanese sketch that Taran, Vanessa and Jason do. I find it offensive, annoying and unfunny.

Anonymous said: Is snl only watched in america? What other countries is is it aired/viewed in?

I’m not sure which other countries to be honest with you! If anyone can answer this please reply to this post :)

Anonymous said: Amy Poehler NEEDS to host this season!

Anonymous said: I love snl but I’m really sad because I was too young to appreciate snl back when jimmy, Tina, Amy and the rest of that cast were on snl. I think that was probably one of the best casts and I missed it :(